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When Julissa Murrillo was 7 years old she was given the opportunity to learn how to play the violin as an elective course at elementary school. She enjoyed music so much she continued learning classical music, finding herself auditioning for scholarships in order to pay for her music lessons. Her parents were supportive and recommended she learn something traditional that was in their culture. Growing up she remembered hearing Mariachi music and with the encouragement of her parents decided to learn the music, making this meaningful for she did not come from a family of musicians.

The first group she participated in was Mariachi Olimpico in junior high school. This was her first stepping-stone that launched the beginning of her musical career. She traveled throughout the country participating in conferences and learning from musicians she admired. They’ve had a great impact in helping her become what she is today. Later, she found herself playing in concerts where she was looked up to as a female musician. This gave her the passion to continue and with the support of her mentors and instructors she helped other music teachers implement Mariachi programs in local schools as a part of the curriculum. This was her way of giving back to the community with hopes that the new generation would take advantage of the opportunities available.

At present, it has been a successful journey for she is proud of her accomplishments and will continue to strive to achieve the very best of herself. The opportunity presented itself and now is currently the newest member of Mariachi Reyna De Los Angeles. This has been and will continue to be a great learning experience for her and in essence help her be a better professional musician.