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Alina Estrada started playing the violin in the elementary school orchestra at age 10. In Jr. High school she joined a youth mariachi program, Mariachi Olimpico. During her High school years, she would sit in on the Mariachi class held every Monday at UCLA. After high school, Alina attended Cal State L.A.
“I’ve been playing mariachi music since I was 15. I’ve played with many groups. I’ve had great opportunities through my music, including working on the movie Carmen a Hip-hopera , starring Beyoncé.”
“I wanted to end my mariachi career at the top. With the best female mariachi, Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles! We must challenge ourselves to be at the top. Working with Jose Hernandez has been extremely rigorous, yet personally satisfying.”
Alina joined Mariachi Reyna in summer of 2009. Where she played at the Grammys and countless venues.
Alina prides herself on being able to be a wife and mother of 3, yet still be an asset to Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles.